1845 to 2017: Sickest of sick treated with compassion

Elisabeth BruyereThe Ottawa Hospital treats the sickest of the sick with compassion, and always has.

Two years after founding the hospital that evolved into The Ottawa Hospital, Elisabeth Bruyère and the Sisters of Charity (known as the Grey Nuns) cared for Irish immigrants with typhus during an epidemic in 1847, despite advice to refuse care in case the nuns contracted the disease. They were scared, but their compassion overweighed their fear and they continued to care for the patients. Although 17 of the 22 nuns contracted typhus, none died.

The Ottawa Hospital has continued that tradition over its entire history. Our vision is to treat every patient with the same compassion as we would a family member. We treat the sickest of the sick throughout our region every day, and especially during outbreaks such as SARS or Ebola or influenza. Patients and their families can count on The Ottawa Hospital for the best possible care.

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