2017: The Ottawa Hospital is first in Canada to join #HelloMyNameIs

In 2017, The Ottawa Hospital was the first hospital in Canada to join the international #HelloMyNameIs campaign. British Dr. Kate Granger started the campaign after she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She was told about the diagnosis in a cold, impersonal manner by a doctor she did not know. She was shocked by how few staff looking after her introduced themselves. With her renewed perspective from the patient side of care, this social media campaign reminds health-care workers that a friendly introduction is the first step towards trusting and meaningful patient care. 

#HelloMyNameIs pushes The Ottawa Hospital to continue to provide the world-class, compassionate care that led to an Exemplary rating by Accreditation Canada. As the largest hospital in Canada to receive an Exemplary rating, we pledge to introduce ourselves to every patient, every time. 

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