3D Printing - New Breakthroughs in Orthopaedic Surgery

Paul Beaule

Dr. Paul Beaulé and his team of orthopaedic surgeons are using plastic 3D printed replicas of patients’ pelvis bones to make more accurate diagnoses, plan detailed hip surgeries, and give patient-specific treatments.

“We’re very excited about this 3D printing initiative. It is especially relevant to the hip, knee and shoulder joints, which are three dimensional and so move in multiple directions and have forces from muscle pulling in a variety of directions. Having a three dimensional perspective before surgery really helps guide the surgeon,” said Dr. Beaulé.

Dr. Beaulé’s team is also investigating how to trigger the patient’s stem cells to enhance the healing of bone, cartilage and tendons post surgery. By establishing a Research Chair in Regenerative Orthopaedic Surgery to focus on this, Dr. Beaulé believes more research will reveal better therapies that, in conjunction with 3D printed joints, will provide patients with optimal care and recovery.

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