Regenerative Medicine

The challenge

Thousands of people’s lives are disrupted and affected by illness, disease and injury. The Ottawa Hospital researchers are working to discover and harness the power of human stem cells to rebuild, repair, and heal a wide range of medical issues. The promise of Regenerative Medicine is that it offers the potential to repair the heart after a heart attack, restore vision to the blind, reconnect a broken spinal cord, regenerate brain tissue after a stroke, repair damaged insulin-producing tissue in people with diabetes, and heal tissues damaged by severe infectious diseases. More than 100 scientists, clinical investigators, trainees, and staff at The Ottawa Hospital, including the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research, form a multidisciplinary team focused on unlocking the secrets of stem cells and harnessing their regenerative power.

The solution

Scientists at The Ottawa Hospital are known around the world for discovering novel kinds of stem cells and deciphering how they work, but they are also increasingly known for translating their research into new personalized therapies for patients. In the next few years, our researchers will accelerate these activities and initiate a number of world-first clinical trials in patients. Their ability and success in carrying out their work heavily depends on financial support, as well as new and improved facilities and equipment to enable them to proceed with their research.

  • Increase support for research and attract top recruits from around the world;
  • Build new research facilities and retrofit older ones to ensure our scientists have the tools they need;
  • Renovate facilities for manufacturing stem cell therapies for patient clinical trials;
  • Purchase new equipment to purify, visualize and study stem cells and conduct clinical trials;
  • Establish a Research Chair in Regenerative Medicine; and
  • Establish a Research Chair in Spinal cord and Brain Regeneration.

How you can help

We’re raising $15 million to expand the regenerative medicine research team and facilities.

You can donate online or download our donation form.
For more information, contact Jennifer Van Noort, Vice-President, Philanthropy and Leadership Giving, at 613-798-5555, ext. 16090, or 

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