GREATER TOGETHER: The Ottawa Hospital welcomes engagement recommendations for new campus

You’re passionate about your community, and you want to contribute your ideas to one of the largest city-building projects in the city’s history. In the coming years, you’ll be able to do just that – help The Ottawa Hospital plan and design the facility that will be at the heart of health care in Ottawa for the next hundred years.

The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus

On September 20, the hospital released a report written by independent experts that recommends an approach for long-term engagement with our community and patients about the planning and design of the new campus.

The report, titled Setting the Stage, Turning the Page: 21st-century engagement for a 21st-century health-care facility, advises a principled approach that includes patients and the community-at-large in meaningful engagement through a well-defined process. That process will include open discussion and deliberation around important issues, including greenspace, design, accessibility, transportation planning and parking. This report marks an important first step in the hospital’s evolving views on engagement, and charts a path towards a process that will be meaningful, transparent, and inclusive.

The Ottawa Hospital has committed to the recommendations put forward in this report, notably:

  • The hospital will follow a principled approach to develop a comprehensive, multi-phased, multi-year meaningful engagement program to support planning, design and development of the new campus.
  • A community and patient working group will be established which will deliberate on issues raised through the engagement process.
  • A Chief Engagement Steward will be named. This person will support the working group and ensure that the hospital maintains its principled approach to engagement through each stage of planning for the new campus.

In the coming years, engagement will take place in a variety of online and in-person formats to ensure that all interested parties will have the opportunity to engage on questions that matter most to them.

To begin our engagement process, the hospital will host public sessions and an online forum later this year to identify and validate which issues must be addressed in later sessions, begin defining the design principles that will guide the planning and development of the new campus, and provide feedback on broad architectural concepts. More details will be released in the coming weeks through this newsletter and our website.

A great hospital is one of the cornerstones of a great city. Help us plan and design the hospital of the future – right here in Ottawa.