Innovations are helping stop spread of tuberculosis in the North

Dr. Alvarez and patient Taima, which means ‘stop’ in Inuktitut, is exactly what researchers at The Ottawa Hospital want to do – stop the spread of tuberculosis in Canada’s Arctic. Tuberculosis in Nunavut is 26 times the Canadian average. Since 2011, the Taima TB research team, led by Respirologist Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez, has been working with Inuit and government partners on innovative technologies and strategies to help stop the spread of this contagious disease in their communities.

Taima TB has successfully introduced:

  • A new test that can diagnose TB in just two days instead of the previous procedure that took more than a month.
  • A new treatment for latent TB that means patients take only one treatment a week for 12 weeks, instead of taking hundreds of pills over nine months.
  • A targeted TB screening strategy for those at highest risk.
  • Community and youth-specific TB education tools.

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