Our supporters

This section is devoted to all of our supporters—those volunteers, donors, fundraisers and sponsors who give generously of their time and money to support The Ottawa Hospital. We are proud to consider them partners as we build a better hospital for our entire community.

Our Stories

Henny Harmsen
A Kingston urologist told Henny Harmsen in February 2014 that he had an advanced and aggressive form of prostate cancer.  “The severity of my cancer...
Baby Olivia
From the day she was born, Olivia Eberts has been a fighter. Born 115 days before her due date, at 23 weeks and 4 days, she has persevered through a...
Ashley Ruelland
Life can change in an instant. Ashley Ruelland lived to tell the story of her ‘instant’. In early March 2015, then 27-year-old Ashley was living in...
Stu Schwartz
Stu Schwartz
Sakou Kaba
Sakou Kaba, Olympic athlete