Karen Lawrence

Karen Lawrence

For some, running in Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is about achieving a personal best. But for Karen Lawrence, it’s a race to save lives – maybe even her own.

Karen, a Clinical Manager of Oncology at The Ottawa Hospital, carries the devastating gene of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She has seen its impact first hand, as she has lost 14 family members to ALS, including her own father.  A cure can’t come soon enough. For it’s not so much about her future, but that of her sons.

“The race is on to raise money to fund research to find a cure for this disease, or ways to prevent its onset before my three beautiful boys are faced with the same agonizing decision that I had to make about whether or not I wanted to know if I would test positive.”

Karen and her team will be lacing up for Run for a Reason at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend to raise some of those crucial dollars for The Ottawa Hospital to find that cure in time to help her family and others before they are stricken with ALS.

While the disease is serious, Karen and TK4ALS will be looking to have fun together as they train in the months ahead whether they’re walking or running.

Watch Karen run for Neuromuscular Clinical Research at The Ottawa Hospital. You too can Run for a Reason. Register today!