Team Blais - R.I.O.T. Squad

Lori and Darryl Blais

When it comes to running, Darryl and Lori Blais are hard core. They’ve run marathons: Ottawa, New York City and Chicago to name a few. But for this duo, a personal best is not always as satisfying as one might think, sometimes they strive for more. Something more rewarding, like running for a cause.

This year Darryl and Lori will Run for a Reason supporting The Ottawa Hospital. Over the last several years, the Blais have seen first-hand the exceptional care provided by doctors, nurses and staff at The Ottawa Hospital. They witnessed it when Lori’s mother took ill and then when her dad was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago. They’re both gone now but Lori and Darryl are committed to giving back for the excellent care her parents received.

This year, the R.I.O.T. (Running or walking Is Our Therapy) Squad will be raising money for cancer research. “This is a chance for us to thank and give back to The Ottawa Hospital staff for the amazing care they gave my dad.” Lori also knows great things are happening with cancer research. “Just thinking too about the research and the things the doctors were telling us about Glioblastoma research that, unfortunately didn’t help my dad at that time, but that maybe future patients who get the same diagnosis could have a different outcome. Lori says her dad was part of a walking clinic in Orleans and he’d love this idea.  “He would have been thrilled to know that people were running Ottawa Race Weekend with his name on the back of the shirt. Running is our therapy. You get out, you feel better, you’re looking after yourself.”

Lori emphasizes you don’t have to run to be a part of their team. “You don’t have to be doing the marathon. There’s a woman in the walking group, who lost her husband recently to lung cancer, part of her therapy is that she wants to walk the half marathon.”

Watch Darryl and Lori run for cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital. You too can Run for a Reason. Register today!