President's Breakfast Table Captain Honour Roll

Every year, Foundation friends and supporters donate their time to be Table Captains for our annual President’s Breakfast. Table Captains are the driving force behind this successful Breakfast.

Leading the way is our President’s Breakfast Cabinet, a group of community and business leaders who help shape the event, strategize for best success, rally the Table Captain volunteers and inspire the guests who attend.

We are so grateful to every individual listed on this page for their leadership and commitment to this event, which inspires our community to support much-needed improvements at The Ottawa Hospital.

If you would like to join the ranks of this honour roll, contact Christine Wheeler, Development Officer, at 613-798-5555, ext. 19818, or


Table Captain Honour Roll 2011

Those with an asterisk beside their names have volunteered their time for two or more years.

Jose Aggrey
Mark Antaya
Michael Baine*
Graham Bird*
Norm Bowley*
Jeff Boyd
Mark Campaigne
Marg Campbell*
Stan Cheer
David Chescoe*
Edmond Chiasson
Michael Church*
Christine Collyer*
Connie Colosante*
Eddy Cook
Michael Cuddihy*
Sylvia Cuhaci*
John Davis
Paula Doering*
Rheal Dumont
Ken Evans*
Danny Fernandes
Andrew Frank
Frances Furmankiewicz
Val Gamache-O’Leary*
Paul Gorman
John Graf*
Claude Haw*
Lindsay Hockey*
Donna Holtom*
Jackie Holzman*
Lawson Hunter*
Pat Hunter
Brad Hutt
Pat Kelly*
Cameron Love*

Peter Malandra
Mary Jane Manley*
Andrea Marcus
Hayden Marcus*
Debbie Marr*
Byron Martin*
Pat McGowan 
Brad McKay*
Janet McKeage*
Scott McLeish*
Andre Mickovitch*
Wanda Molnar*
Rick Morgan
Marc Morin
Phil Murray*
Michael Nolan*
Bob Petrie*
Gino Picciano*
Ravi Ravishankar
Cyrus Reporter*
Gisèle Richer*
Hélène Robillard*
Phil Rossy*
Peter Rowan-Legg*
Susan St. Amand*
Brian Scott*
Ian Sherman*
Ian Smith
Ian Sterling*
Suzanne Swan
Fraser Thom*
Chris Troughton
Wayne Warren
Gerry Webb
Steve Whitla
Bruce Wolfgram*
Helen Zipes*