President's Circle Honour Roll

Every year, Foundation friends and supporters volunteer for our annual President’s Breakfast. They are the driving force behind this successful Breakfast.

We are so grateful to every individual listed on this page for their leadership and commitment to this event, which inspires our community to support much-needed improvements at The Ottawa Hospital.

If you would like to join the ranks of this honour roll, contact Sharon Martin, Senior Director, Special Projects at 613-798-5555, ext. 19084, or

President's Circle Honour Roll 2013

Those with an asterisk beside their names have volunteered their time for two or more years.


Michael Baine*

Pietro Bellai

Graham Bird*

Sharon Bosley-House

Norm Bowley*

Jeff Boyd*

Dan Briard

Sophia Briard

Sue Briard*

Charlene Brunet

Matt Burns

Marg Campbell*

Laura Charron

David Chescoe*

Karen Colby-Stothart

John T. Connor*

Sonia Del Rosario

Dr. Susan Dent

Jonathon Donaldson

Jim Durrell*

Ken Evans*

Dr. Alan Forster*

Frances Furmankiewicz

Valérie Gamache O'Leary*

Sandy Goldberg*

Maria Grant

Colin Hawkins

Donna Holtom*

Margie Hooper

George Hunter

Grant Jameson

David Jenkins*

Cameron Love*

Peter Malandra*

Mary Jane Manley*

John McCavour*

Andre Mickovitch*

Paul Minaker

Dr. Husein Moloo

Brian Murray

Mike Nolan*

Lynn Norton*

Dan Oakes

Nancy Oakes

Don Paterson*

Robert Petrie*

Steve Pichette*

Dale Potter

Darlene Provost*

Bruno Racine

Brian Scott*

Ernie Sherman

Ian Sherman*

Kevin Skinner

Ian Sterling*

Crystal Sun

Suzanne Swan*

Dave Taggart

Steve Tierney*

Paul Valletta

Steve West

Bruce Wolfgram*

Helen Zipes*