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Abbott Point of Care rallies behind ER research

Abbott Point of Care employees recently wrapped up their fundraising campaign in support of Emergency Medicine Research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. The campaign raised $48,000 for research specifically focused on patient care. Emergency medicine research is a relatively new field, looking into how to better evaluate and treat patients admitted to Emergency. Results of this work have had a profound effect, changing emergency medical practice around the globe!

The Ottawa Hospital’s Dr. Ian Stiell and his emergency medicine research team are focusing on various aspects of emergency care, including the treatment of atrial fibrillation or flutter, which is the most common form of irregular heartbeat that is treated in emergency departments. A lack of scientific literature comparing the treatment options means that different hospitals and physicians use different methods of treatment for atrial fibrillation. Dr. Stiell and his team will be conducting a clinical trial to determine an optimal treatment, providing valuable guidance to emergency physicians and improved care for their patients.

Thanks to the funds raised by employees from Abbott Point of Care, Dr. Stiell’s life-saving research continues to advance, allowing The Ottawa Hospital to provide the very best of care to the thousands of patients treated each year.

Thank you to the employees of Abbott Point of Care for attending our President’s Dinner on May 9.
Left to right: Jennifer Leblanc, Diane Legault,
Annette Walsh, Susan Hahn, Dr. Jack Kitts and Emma Morgan.

Diane Legault accepts an award from Dr. Jack Kitts on behalf of Abbott Point of Care who is
celebrated for its support of emergency medicine at The Ottawa Hospital.


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