TD Bank Recognized for its Support of Research

TD Announcement

On Tuesday, May 30, The Ottawa Hospital recognized TD Bank for its generous support of research at The Ottawa Hospital. Thanks to this support, two postdoctoral fellows working in the labs of Drs. Duncan Stewart and Bernard Thébaud will be able to take their ideas one step further.

TD Bank’s donation of $500,000 is crucial to helping these aspiring young scientists to advance research and develop new therapies at The Ottawa Hospital.

One of these fellows, Dr. Martin Kang, is exploring how stem cells could help treat children with rare lung disorders, or adults affected by genetic lung scarring.

As for Dr. Virgilio Cadete, he is researching whether boosting stem cells can make them more efficient when they repair injured lungs.

In addition to leading their own research studies, these postdoctoral fellows also act as mentors, trouble-shooters, and even grant-writers. We are very grateful to TD Bank for the generosity they’ve shown these individuals.

The Ottawa Hospital currently has 77 postdoctoral fellows working in its research labs. Community support plays a significant role in enabling all researchers to further their research, so that patients at The Ottawa Hospital and around the world can benefit from the best and most innovative treatments possible.