Wellness Beyond Cancer

TRL Roanne Segal

With significant advances in breast cancer care, many women are living symptom-free longer, but still need follow up to monitor potential recurrence and/ or side effects of their treatment.  For many breast cancer patients, as well as their primary care physicians, anxiety and frustration are a huge part of their transition out of the hospital’s cancer program.

Dr. Roanne Segal and her team launched the Wellness Beyond Cancer program to help these women enjoy a positive recovery. The program allows for optimal coordination of care by oncologists and family doctors. Dr. Segal and her team were able to minimize patient visits to the hospital, reduce duplication of testing, and ensure all the patient’s health concerns were addressed with nothing being missed. Wellness Beyond Cancer provides clear guidelines of what to do and when to do it, for patients discharged from The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre.  The program also offers nurse-led callback assistance to answer questions or concerns physicians may have; and facilitate rapid re-entry into the cancer program if needed.

For many women, adequate care is now offered closer to home by the patient’s local health care network. This is a significant improvement for patients who live in rural areas and those who travel to Ottawa from Nunavut.

In addition, Wellness Beyond Cancer has created a unique process that has allowed women on hormonal therapy to be discharged from care at The Ottawa Hospital with periodic consultation, allowing for optimal delivery of this therapy which often spans over a decade.

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