Cancer Research

The challenge

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, time is critical. Every minute counts, and the wait for surgery, for treatment, for life to get back to normal can seem agonizing. Time is critical in the world of cancer research, too. Every day, scientists are working on new and better therapies. The sooner these therapies can be delivered to patients, the better their chances for recovery.


Changing Lives and Cancer

Cathy Chapman
Dr. Clemons and Dr. Ferguson
Saara Ali
Doug and Darlene Wilson
Marina Moratis

Dr. Rebecca Auer

Paula Doering


In the next few years researchers at The Ottawa Hospital will undertake some of the most important clinical trials in the history of the collective battle with cancer. They will also conduct groundbreaking genetic research to map the pathways of certain cancers and develop personalized therapies. In order for made-in-Ottawa cancer therapies to happen, we must:

  • Retrofit research facilities to ensure researchers have the tools to compete and work with top global research centres.
  • Renovate facilities for manufacturing cancer therapies used in patient clinical trials.
  • Purchase new equipment to purify, visualize and study cancer cells, and conduct clinical trials. 
  • Increase financial support for research teams, and attract top recruits from around the world.

Research already underway

  • Dr. Rebecca Auer is investigating approaches to improve the success of cancer surgery, including administering treatments around the time of surgery to prevent cancer from spreading.
  • Dr. Ian Lorimer is making progress in enhancing our understanding of breast, brain and lung cancer, so that more targeted and personalized therapies can be developed.
  • Dr. Mark Clemons is developing personalized treatment approaches for breast cancer, and his research is having an impact around the world.
  • Dr. John Bell discovered a number of viruses that attack cancer cells without harming healthy cells. These oncolytic viruses have been tested in more than 100 patients around the world, including many at The Ottawa Hospital, and with promising results.

How you can helpRegister for THE RIDE today!

We’re raising $20 million to expand the research facilities and research team. Your ongoing support is needed to purchase equipment and fund research. Innovative cancer research takes more than the best minds – our researchers need the proper tools to do their vital work.

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