Innovations: cancer care and research

On Wednesday, June 12, we engaged in invigorating discussion with our physicians and researchers who are changing the future of care for cancer patients. From diagnosis and treatment, to research and clinical trials, our experts shared the latest developments and discoveries.

The Ottawa Hospital is home to one of the most advanced cancer therapeutics programs in the country and one of the best equipped cancer centres in the world. We see and treat more patients facing cancer than anywhere else in Canada.

Our Speakers

Dr. Rebecca AuerDr. Rebecca Auer

Director of Cancer Research, The Ottawa Hospital





Dr Barbara VanderhydenDr. Barbara Vanderhyden

Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research and Senior Scientist, The Ottawa Hospital





Dr. Michael Ong

Dr. Michael Ong

Medical Oncologist, The Ottawa Hospital





This discussion was made possible thanks to leadership support from the Taggart Parkes Foundation.