Julia Wagg

Julia Wagg

In loving memory of Julia Wagg (1980-2017)

Julia was the ringleader of magic, a leukemia rockstar, talent enabler, community builder, foodie, and a brilliant human being.

She was born to Tina and Denis Alarie and grew up in Timmins, Ontario along with her sister Andrea. Julia graduated in 2005 with a BA in Sociology from Carleton University, held a Management Certificate in Human Resources, a Masters Certificate in Energy Sector Leadership and was Certified Human Resources Leader.

She married Holly Wagg in 2005, and together they adopted Robin and Brandin in 2007 and birthed Addison in 2011.

Julia was a human resources leader known for getting things done by leveraging the talent around her. She was the Director of Organizational Development at Hydro Ottawa where she and her team won numerous awards for work including innovation in HR practices, best talent management and effective recruitment strategy, best employer, older worker/retiree retention, and several internal awards for her leadership and dedication to the company. Julia designed and implemented Hydro Ottawa's approach to strategic workforce planning and led partnership development with Algonquin College in the delivery of its Powerline Technician Diploma Program. She also instructed Human Resources Planning at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.

In 2004, Julia co-founded the Ten Oaks Project with her wife, a charity that engages and connects children and youth from LGBTQ+ communities. She was recognized for this work as a Co-Community Builder Marshal by Capital Pride in 2014, a United Way Community Builder Award in 2007, and a Capital Heroes Lifetime Achievement Award. Julia's embodiment of empowerment through play and intentional magic, two values which she embedded in the roots of Ten Oaks, are integral threads that continue to ripple through the organization and outwards into the community today.

Julia lives on through her three children, wife, parents, sister, two nieces and every single person she had ever touched. Let her final words be a reminder to us all: "Do not wait until someone takes your time to make living your priority. I am so glad that I have known what it means to live with intention, presence, gratitude, and grace."

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Wagg Family Legacy Fund through The Ottawa Hospital Foundation.


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