This Mother’s Day, honour each mom who walks through our hospital hallways, whether they visit The Ottawa Hospital as a patient or with a patient.

We have witnessed many incredible discoveries and developments right here at our hospital, allowing us to better care for each mom that counts on The Ottawa Hospital to help them get back to what matters most to them.

Here are just a few examples of how our researcher’s and physicians are changing the lives of mother’s in Ottawa, and impacting patient care around the world. We hope you’ll be just as inspired by these incredible stories of resilience and grace as we are.


Four years after cancer diagnosis, every day is a gift
Jillian O’Connor was 18 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and given less than two years to live.
We were in the best hands
Spencer Ottens was just 14 when he discovered he had a tumour that covered half of his face. Our surgeons removed it through his nose using minimally invasive techniques.

From tragedy to triumph
Liam and Rhys White started life in an extraordinary way. This is their story.
The gift of time with family
Mom of three, Vesna, is living with terminal metastatic breast cancer. She is hoping clinical trials will continue to extend her life so she has more time with those she loves.

Make a meaningful donation today in honour of your mother and have a lasting impact that both of you can feel proud of.