The Ottawa Hospital thanks Proveras Commercial Realty

The Ottawa Hospital thanks Proveras Commercial Realty on behalf of all our patients and families for its generous gift to cancer research. Proveras’ gift, in honour of World Cancer Day, will be matched, doubling the impact it will have in transforming cancer care in our community. 

Proveras’ gift inspired by cancer care 

Being touched by cancer inspired the three principals at Ottawa’s Proveras Commercial Realty to make a generous donation to mark World Cancer Day. 

Their reason for donating is pretty straightforward. Nick Maiorino, Alan Doak, and Bruce Wolfgram said, “We have all had our own experiences with cancer –  either personally or through the experiences of our loved ones. 

Proveras teamWe have spent time at the campuses of The Ottawa Hospital and are touched by the genuine, compassionate patient care provided by the doctors, nurses and medical teams. When someone is diagnosed with a serious disease, such as cancer, the emotional toll is quite high on the patient and the family.  After doing research and speaking to medical experts, it is quite comforting to find out that we have access to the very best world class cancer care right here in Ottawa, and there is no need to even think about whether better care might be available elsewhere,” they said.  

When we need it, The Ottawa Hospital’s world-class care is here for all of usThat is an amazing comfort when faced with such a difficult diagnosis.”  

Over the years, the three have been so committed to cancer care and research that they have fundraised for The Ottawa Hospital, participating in events, such as the President’s Breakfast and THE RIDE, as well as through the President’s Council and other donor programs. 

Bruce is a director on The Ottawa Hospital Foundation Board, a chair of its Governance Committee, and has been involved in every President’s Breakfast since the inaugural one in 2002. The three have also been supporters of other local cancer fundraising efforts.  

“As participants in fundraising, with an insight into the future goals of hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts and his executive team, we believe that now, more than ever, it is important to give to The Ottawa Hospital,” said Bruce Wolfgram. These sentiments were echoed by his business partners.  

donateProveras Commercial Realtys $60,000 donation will be matched on World Cancer Day, doubling the benefits of this extraordinary gift. Thanks to generous local corporate philanthropists like Proveras Commercial Realty, breakthroughs in cancer research and innovations in treatment are what make The Ottawa Hospital’s care world-class. 

 We hope that other companies throughout the city see corporate donations as an impactful way to show their employees and clients that they care and want the very best for them,” said Alan Doak“We chose The Ottawa Hospital because it has had the greatest impact in our lives.”