Ashlee Dory

Thirteen-year-old Ashlee Dory cut her hair for her grandma.

Ashlee’s grandmother was diagnosed a couple of years ago with colorectal cancer. After successful treatment, she is now cancer free.

“My grandma is a survivor now. That wouldn’t be possible without the medicine developed from cancer research – she wouldn’t have survived,” says Ashlee.

Ashlee’s grandmother was her inspiration to support cancer research. She was further inspired when she learned her hockey coach was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

She says, “I’m not sure if there is a cure, so I wanted to work as hard as I could to make that possible and give him a chance.”
With the help of her parents, Ashlee sent emails to people her family knew and posted her fundraising pledge on Facebook. She also went door-to-door around her neighbourhood, ringing doorbells and collecting close to $500 for cancer research.

Ashlee asked both her soccer team and her hockey team for support. She says her team members all donated because they thought it was “an amazing cause.”

On April 26, Ashlee went to the Hair Donation Ottawa’s event at Algonquin College salon. She handed in the $1,716.30 she had raised and had 10 inches of hair cut off. The funds go to cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital, and her hair will be made into wigs for children and young adults with cancer.

Ashley Dory hair donation