Running for Women’s Health - Dr. Sony Singh

Dr. Singh

Women’s health is important to Dr. Sony Singh. So important, in fact, that every spring The Ottawa Hospital Vice-Chair of Gynecology (and former Director of the Shirley E. Greenberg Women's Health Centre) laces up his sneakers and runs to raise money for his patients.

Dr. Singh is involved in Run for a Reason for two reasons. The first is because he loves running. “It’s a fantastic race,” he says. “The experience is incredible. It gives you something to aim for, and that’s the fun aspect.”

The second is more personal. “I’m a gynecologist and I became interested in this subject because someone close to me passed away from a gynecologic cancer ” says Singh. “I’ve developed an expertise in complex gynecology and we do some fantastic work; the most innovative in the country, because of what the donors have given.”

Dr. Singh says one of the great things about the run is the fundraising aspect since donors have made it possible to do the work he and his team want to do. Besides fundraising, he says raising awareness each year is a great way to bring attention to a different area of patient care.  

In the past, the Running for Women’s Health Matters Team focused on raising funds for equipment and research related to heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

This year, Dr. Singh and his team are raising funds for equipment that would help to diagnose and manage women’s bladder health and pelvic floor disorders (when pelvic muscles weaken from childbirth or surgery). His team is made up of doctors, nurses and patients who are all determined to raise money.

He has the added incentive of a special running partner. “I run with my wife,” says Dr. Singh. “She’s also part of the team.”  He adds, this year he is running the half marathon during Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and that this race is his “favourite one.”

Since he first became involved in Run for a Reason, he and his team have raised over $50,000 for women’s health. To Dr. Singh, it’s was an easy decision. “If you love running, you gotta do this and if you’re going to run, why not do it for a great cause?”

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