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DataKinetics – Small yet mighty

DataKinetics might not be a big group but they sure are mighty. With fewer than 30 employees, DataKinetics has eagerly supported patient care at The Ottawa Hospital since 2009, and has made a significant impact on the kind of care patients receive at our Hospital.

DataKinetics employees have supported various areas of the Hospital, such as contributing to the uOttawa Skills and Simulation Centre, and supporting both regenerative medicine and cancer research. This year, they chose to support cancer care by raising funds to help establish a new Dermatology Centre of Excellence. They are aware of some of the challenges faced by the current Division of Dermatology, such as a growing need for dermatology care for skin cancers due to progressively harmful effects of the sun. The melanoma form of skin cancer is 97% curable if identified and treated in time. At the moment there is a 10-month wait time to see a dermatologist, which delays diagnosis and treatment.

With the help of companies like DataKinetics, the new Dermatology Centre of Excellence will include a rapid melanoma diagnosis and management clinic, as well as expand services for general dermatology, and attract the best dermatologists. This means faster assessments and shorter wait times for patients, plus 20% more patients will be seen annually; all of which will improve patient care. Moreover, patients in our region can rest assured that they will be treated by the best and brightest medical professionals, and will be the first to benefit from life-saving research and clinical trials.

Thanks, DataKinetics team, for supporting cancer care in our community!

When DataKinetics launched their fifth annual campaign, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation presented Allan Zander, CEO, DataKinetics, a special award in honour of its five years of support.

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