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GasTOPS takes the Canotek Park Challenge by storm

GasTOPS has one of the longest standing workplace campaigns in support of patient care at The Ottawa Hospital. Since 2006, they have raised over $200,000 to help purchase many pieces of life-saving equipment. Once again, GasTOPS employees have shown tremendous generosity as they wrap up another successful campaign.

This year, GasTOPS employees joined forces with other Ottawa area companies in the Canotek Park in Ottawa’s east end to form the Canotek Park Challenge. Their goal is to collectively raise funds to equip a chemotherapy bay at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. GasTOPS employees were excited to participate in the Challenge this year, and chose to contribute by helping to purchase a centrifuge for a chemotherapy bay. This machine spins blood into separate components for lab testing and is one of the most common pieces used by medical staff for cancer treatments. Each and every chemotherapy patient must undergo blood work, and now, as a result of GasTOPS generosity, more patients will have access to timely testing during their treatment at The Ottawa Hospital.

With the help of GasTOPS and other members of the Canotek Park Challenge, The Ottawa Hospital is well on its way to fully equipping a chemotherapy bay with the latest technology. To date, the Canotek group has raised over $60,000 to help purchase an ultrasound machine and a centrifuge. Many thanks to GasTOPS and the Canotek Park Challenge for making a difference in our community!


On October 29, GasTOPS and Ottawa City Councillor Tim Tierney (Beacon-Hill/Cyrville), hosted a networking breakfast in support of the Canotek Park Challenge. Paula Doering, Senior Vice-President, Perioperative Services, Cancer and Diagnostics at The Ottawa Hospital, shared her vision of The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre with the group.


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