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Small staff makes a big difference

With less than 20 strong, the employees of DataKinetics made a big difference for patient care by raising nearly $5,000 for the uOttawa Skills and Simulation Centre at The Ottawa Hospital.

“When the Foundation suggested a hands-on skills and simulation training demo, we jumped at the opportunity. This is such a crucial area of patient care, and seeing it first-hand was a very unique way to see how our company involvement assists the hospital to be on the leading edge of medical technology and really brought home the importance of our support for the Hospital,” says Allan Zander, President and CEO of DataKinetics.

Simulation training is the safest and most effective way to teach the advanced medical, technological and communication skills needed by today’s health-care professionals. It is also an effective hands-on tool in today’s rapidly changing medical environment. Simulation is used to develop and evaluate new medical procedures, new technology and the latest innovations in patient care.

“Patients at The Ottawa Hospital benefit from some of the most highly trained and highly specialized health-care professionals in the world,” said Dr. Viren Naik, Medical Director of the centre, which is the largest training centre of its kind in Canada.

Employees of DataKinetics get some hands-on simulation training
from Kevin Thom
as (second from left), Manager of the centre, and
Dr. Viren Naik (second from right), Medical Director of the centre.

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