Rhys and Liam White


Rhys and Liam

Born: December 22, 2006 – 26 weeks, 2 days

Due date: March 28, 2007

Weight at birth: Rhys was 680 grams (1 lb 8 oz); his identical twin Cullen was 453 grams (1 lb 4 oz); Liam was 737 grams (1 lb 10 oz ); his identical twin Daniel was 538 grams (1 lb 3 oz)

NICU stay: Liam spent 88 days and Rhys spent 98 days in the NICU at the General Campus.

 “We knew it was quadruplets when I had the first ultrasound at eight weeks. There were four heart beats. We had two sets of identical twins born by caesarean section. The Ottawa Hospital was amazing. There was a team of 24-26 people in the delivery room, and then they whipped them all away. We had incredible care for these babies.

Liam wasn’t intubated. But the other three were all intubate right away. Liam was put on CPAP, and it took five weeks before Rhys was on CPAP. Both Rhys and Liam had heart surgery to close their heart valves and they both had surgery on the same day. Imagine, two babies in surgery, both under two pounds. I remember the doctor was so tall and he had hands the size of dinner plates, working on such tiny babies. The boys also had eye surgery and at least two blood transfusions.

Liam and Rhys

Sadly, Cullen passed away on January 16, and Daniel passed away two days later on January 18, 2007.

Rhys had some lung damage due to underdeveloped lungs but after being intubated for his ROP surgery, he never needed oxygen again! Liam had an issue with one of his eyes and he had less than 30 percent chance that it would correct itself and it did! Neither of the boys, as of yet, require glasses.

The care that we received at the NICU was beyond excellent. The nurses and the doctors were so caring and attentive and helped us through the roller coaster of a ride that the NICU parents all ride. It was a bitter sweet day on the day that our last baby came home as we were so desperate to be together as a family in our home, but would miss the love, the caring and the family that the NICU nurses and doctors became. I am happy to say that I keep in touch with many of the nurses from the NICU at the General and we will forever be grateful to them for the love and the care that they gave to all of our babies!”
--Nora Shipton, Rhys and Liam’s mom

Rhys and Liam love riding their ATVs around their farm

The Ottawa Hospital is renovating its current NICU facilities at the General Campus to give each baby a separate room. This allows caregivers to individualize each small patient’s environment and provide a family-centric model of care that will also include technology and equipment updates.

A new NICU is critical for babies like Liam and Rhys to receive the best, most up-to-date treatments developed at The Ottawa Hospital. This helps give prematurely born babies the best chance at surviving, thriving and growing up.


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