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At The Ottawa Hospital, we are committed to providing an exceptional level of care for our cancer patients, approaching each case with medical excellence, practice and compassion. Our reputation for world-leading research and patient care attracts to Ottawa some of the brightest and most capable health-care professionals in the world who help us deliver extraordinary, personalized treatment and care to patients in our community.

Over the next 15 years, Canadians will see a 40 percent increase in cancer diagnoses, with almost one in two developing cancer in their lifetime. Our ability to translate research into patient therapies, coupled with one of the best-equipped cancer centres in the country, means we are well-positioned to face this challenge cancer – and win. But we can’t do it alone.

Our supporters are a critical part of our success as we strive to challenge the boundaries of cancer care and research.

Your support today will have a lasting impact on our patients facing this devastating disease.

The Ottawa Hospital is a world leader in cancer research. From our unmatched expertise in oncolytic viruses to ground-breaking immunotherapy, to revolutionizing the clinical trials process, we have earned an international reputation for changing what the world knows about cancer and how we treat it.

Cancer Research Successes

Could biotherapeutics be the next revolution in cancer treatment?
Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are blazing the trail, developing new cancer therapies that could save lives.
Margaret's gift
Ovarian cancer claimed Margaret Craig’s life. Now her generous gift is opening new doors to preventing the disease.
Platinum seeds to improve Cyberknife
Platinum seeds help CyberKnife robot more successfully detect and destroy inoperable tumours, improving outcomes for patients.