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Research breakthroughs at The Ottawa Hospital mean better care and life-saving medicine. Every day we look beyond the laboratory and see the results of what we do – lives saved, better care, suffering stopped. We relentlessly pursue answers to the world's most challenging health care problems and we do so with knowledge, experience and care. Our research is fuelled by a passion to create made-in-Ottawa solutions for a healthier world.

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3D Printing - New Breakthroughs in Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Paul Beaulé and his team of orthopaedic surgeons are using plastic 3D printed replicas of patients’ pelvis bones to make more accurate diagnoses, plan detailed hip surgeries, and give patient-specific treatments.

Stopping Parkinson’s tremors

Neurosurgeon Adam Sachs and Neurologist Tiago Mestre are successfully using deep brain stimulation, an advanced treatment to stop patients suffering from the more debilitating motor problems of Parkinson’s disease, including tremors.

Fighting Cancer with Cancer

Often after people undergo surgery to remove cancerous tumours, the cancer comes back.

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