Your gift will reshape healthcare tomorrow

By leaving a gift in your will to The Ottawa Hospital, you will be helping future generations access the kind of care that might seem impossible today. 

Right now, at The Ottawa Hospital, we’re conducting major surgeries through incisions the size of a keyhole. We’ve learned how to dissolve brain tumours, personalize chemotherapy, and repair a heart after a heart attack. We’re using viruses and stem cells to change the outcomes of deadly diseases.

Ten or fifteen years ago, none of that would have been possible. And for the patients diagnosed with those diseases, the outcome would have been very different.

But today, we can offer these lifesaving therapies and treatments, because forward-thinking donors chose to include The Ottawa Hospital in their will. Those gifts funded the research, purchased the equipment, and built the care teams that are saving lives, right here in Ottawa, every single day.

You can impact the future of healthcare for decades to come.

Inspiring stories of leaving a legacy

When you decide to leave a gift in your will to The Ottawa Hospital, you ensure your values will extend beyond your lifetime — and that you will also reshape tomorrow’s healthcare for generations to come.
These gifts fund the research, purchase the equipment and build the care teams that are saving lives, right here in Ottawa — every single day.

Life-long educator and writer leaves gift in his will after peaceful passing through the Medical Assistance in Dying program
Clarence Byrd was always keenly aware of how he wanted to live his life and what would happen when he was gone. He carefully planned how he would leave a gift in his will to The Ottawa Hospital to ensure his legacy as an educator would continue for years to come.
Healthcare trailblazer dedicated to serving others
 A former dedicated employee of The Ottawa Hospital now looks to leave a lasting legacy through a gift in her will.
True love will continue through legacy gifts
Through their gift in a will to The Ottawa Hospital, Jim and Pat’s love will continue by providing care and attention to patients in years to come.
The Tod Family’s Story
Through the years, The Ottawa Hospital was always there when the Tod family needed it. Now, they’re paying that good fortune forward.
Kathleen’s Story
Kathleen spent her life dedicated to bettering the lives of children. And that legacy lives on, training neo-natal nurses through a gift in her will.
Annie’s Story
Annie’s dear husband, Hernan, lost his battle with cancer. But with a gift in her will, she hopes it’s a fight that future Canadians will win.  


We work closely with financial advisors, accountants, and lawyers, and can assist you and your client with making a planned gift to The Ottawa Hospital. Here is some important information you may find useful about leaving a gift to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

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We’re here to provide you with the guidance you need to leave a gift in your will to The Ottawa Hospital. Here are some easy steps to write your will.

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Do you have questions about remembering The Ottawa Hospital with a gift in your will? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Other ways to leave a legacy

While a gift in a will is by far the most common way to include The Ottawa Hospital in your estate planning, it isn’t your only option. We suggest you work with your professional advisors to choose the giving vehicles that makes the most sense for you, your loved ones, and your estate.

With a gift of life insurance, you can make small payments today that will add up to a very generous gift in the years to come. There are several ways to do this, including:

Transfer an Existing Policy to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation: You can name the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a policy you already own. You will be eligible for a donation receipt for the cash value of the policy and for any premiums you continue to pay.

Transfer a New Policy to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation: You can buy a new policy and name the Foundation the owner and beneficiary. You will receive a tax receipt for the premiums paid each year.

Name The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as a Direct Beneficiary: You may retain ownership of your policy and name The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as the direct beneficiary. Upon your death, your estate will be eligible for a donation receipt equal to the proceeds of the insurance. You do not receive a tax credit for current premium payments.

You may choose to designate The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary of a registered fund, like an RRSP or RRIF, or even a TFSA. Since income from those funds is taxable upon death, donating the funds creates a donation credit that can almost eliminate the taxes.

There are two ways to make this type of donation–designating The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary or donating the proceeds of the fund through your will. Ask your advisor which option is best for you.

A charitable annuity guarantees you tax-free income for life in exchange for a charitable donation. You make a sizable gift to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation using cash, securities, or possibly other assets. In return, you receive a fixed stream of income from us for the rest of your life. Your initial donation will be eligible for a tax receipt as well.

Other life income options include charitable remainder trusts and a gift of residual interest. We strongly recommend you consult with your financial advisor if you are considering a donation of life income gifts to the Foundation.

Donate publicly traded securities, bonds, and mutual funds, and take advantage of tax benefits. Learn more.

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