It’s time to take research to unprecedented heights

In the last 20 years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of healthcare and research — changing and saving lives all over the world. 

Our experts predict more research and clinical breakthroughs will happen in the next ten years than have happened over the last 50. And with your help, more of them will happen here at our hospital.  

This means improved treatments and novel therapies — and greater hope for us all. 

Dr. Duncan Stewart

“Our research is truly groundbreaking and the world is watching. Together, we can make Ottawa into a global hub for healthcare and research. Our sights are set on nothing less.”

—Dr. Duncan Stewart, Executive Vice-President Research, The Ottawa Hospital

Setting the stage for next-level research

We are proudly among the top research institutes in the country. But our impact doesn’t stop here — discoveries and cures found at our hospital will help millions of Canadians and people worldwide. 

Unique collaborations for radical results

More than 25 years ago, we had the radical idea to embed our clinicians in labs, side-by-side with our researchers. This successful approach means unprecedented research breakthroughs can quickly translate to the bedside.

9 national research networks

Our uniquely collaborative environment and outstanding research facilities draw world-leading researchers to Ottawa.

58,658 patient admissions

When traditional treatments have been exhausted, we have been able to rapidly translate research discoveries to the bedside to provide new hope.


In the north tower of the new campus, clinical care and research will once again be fully integrated, and we will use this collaborative approach to revolutionize care.

Home of world firsts

Our Regenerative Medicine Program is unlike any other in Canada and possibly the world. Simply put, we are a world leader in stem cell research.

“If you are in computers, you go to Silicon Valley. If you are in stem cells, you need to be here in Ottawa. This is where the greatest advances are being made.”

— Dr. Bernard Thébaud, Senior Scientist in Regenerative Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital

1st clinical trial in the world of a stem cell therapy for septic shock.

1st discovery of muscle stem cells.

1st clinical trial in Canada using stem cells to treat the damaged lungs of premature babies.

1st to halt the progress of aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS) through stem cell transplants.

Harnessing biology to fight disease

Our state-of-the-art Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Centre (BMC) is a leader in the rapidly growing area of biotherapeutics — one of the most advanced areas of scientific innovation. 

See how we’re using stem cells, cancer-killing viruses, gene therapy, and more, to improve and save lives. 

Global impact through clinical trials

Our hospital has one of the largest and strongest clinical trials programs in the country. And our innovative trials have made a global impact with many international guidelines around trial design and reporting originating here at our hospital.

With more active clinical trials than almost anywhere else in Canada, we give patients access to novel therapies, create hope for the newly diagnosed, and establish best practices for patient care around the world.

Together, we can find new cures and make groundbreaking discoveries that save more lives.

It's time to create a better tomorrow.

About the Campaign to Create Tomorrow

The Campaign to Create Tomorrow is the largest fundraising campaign in our region’s history. It will help fulfil the most ambitious vision ever for the future of The Ottawa Hospital, focused on four critical pillars.  


See how we’ll become the most technologically advanced hospital in the country, using the latest tools to provide the right care in the right space with the right provider.
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From trauma care to cancer advancements to neuroscience, we will strengthen our critical services for patients across the region.
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