Signature Events

Make an impact on the lives of others by participating in one of our signature events.

Community Events & Fundraisers

These events and fundraisers are all about being a part of your community and giving back!

Blackburn Christmas Market
Nov 18 - 2023 — The BCA Christmas Market is back! This year’s market will take place on November 18th, 2023 from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm at the Blackburn Community Center to raise money for Mental Health research and patient support. Want to donate? Contribute using the “Donate” link on this page. Want to donate in cash? Come see us at the Market where we will be taking cash donations. The fees being collected from vendors will be donated to mental health programs at the Ottawa Hospital.
2024 Mertikas Calendars of Hope
Dec 31 - 2023(ONGOING) Support The Ottawa Hospital by purchasing a 2024 calendar featuring the incredible work of Ottawa artist Katerina Mertikas, a renowned UNICEF artist since 1993.
The Craig Kulig Memorial Fund
Dec 31 - 2023(ONGOING) Canadian artist Darlene Kulig has created stunning t-shirts with proceeds donated to the Craig Kulig Memorial Fund supporting Cancer Research at The Ottawa Hospital
Let’s VECT (Virtually Eliminate Cancer Together)
Dec 31 - 2023(ONGOING) Help as we turn “The Big C” into “the little c”! Calling all riders, rowers, runners, swimmers, etc. to make a difference together and help move Cancer Research forward. Join our virtual fundraiser by creating a goal, deciding on any physical activity and goal and we can help make a difference together!