Andrea Douglas’ swim club was so inspired by her journey battling breast cancer that they created a grassroots event called OlymPINK Masters Sprint. Their inaugural event at the Brewer Pool in 2018 blew their goal out of the water with 120 swimmers, including six Olympians, and $19K raised for The Ottawa Hospital’s Rose Ages Breast Health Centre. OlymPINK raised $44K in year two, and last year an incredible $70K, despite the actual swim being cancelled due to COVID-19.

Swim coach Andrea Smith (left) carries the OlymPINK torch with breast cancer survivor Andrea Douglas (right).

“Thankfully, The Ottawa Hospital is prepared for each and every one of us receiving a cancer diagnosis.”

– Andrea Douglas

Q: What is OlymPINK and what inspired you to create this fundraiser?

A: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, my whole world was turned upside down. No one is ever prepared for those words “you have cancer.” Thankfully, The Ottawa Hospital is prepared for each and every one of us receiving a cancer diagnosis. From the very first meeting with my breast oncology surgeon, I knew I was in good hands. And from that day forward, through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I received incredible care. For my care and for my health today, I remain grateful and felt it was important to give back to the hospital that had saved my life.

Together with the support of my Masters’ swim coach and many wonderful teammates, we came up with the idea of a fundraiser to support the hospital’s Rose Ages Breast Health Centre. One in eight women in Canada will develop breast cancer—we all know someone — neighbours, sisters, friends, mothers, or daughters who have been and will be impacted, and we need to make sure the most up-to-date technology is at hand when they need it most.

Q: Why is the Rose Ages Breast Health Centre at The Ottawa Hospital so important for breast cancer patients?

A: You can’t imagine the emotional turmoil you face when you learn about a breast cancer diagnosis or any other life-threatening diagnosis. For those facing breast cancer, it’s important to know that there is the Rose Ages Breast Health Centre that will embrace you with the care you need. And it’s not just about cancer, it’s about breast health. It’s about the best imaging and cutting-edge technology, all under one roof, to guide women through everything from screening to diagnostics to treatment plans.

“We need to work together to be the change, to make that difference, and to save lives.”

– Andrea Douglas

Q: What would you tell someone who might be considering a donation to The Ottawa Hospital?

A: I feel a sense of responsibility that comes with being one of the “lucky” ones. And that’s why I fundraise for The Ottawa Hospital. Because every piece of technology and every bit of research that could mean one less woman faces this disease or has this disease stopped in its tracks sooner, is worth every penny. We need to work together to be the change, to make that difference and to save lives.

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