Research to Improve Patient Care

The challenge

In addition to the best doctors, equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities, patients should have access to safer drugs, better diagnoses, faster and more accurate assessments of life-threatening injuries, and the most up-to-date diagnostic rules to aid in their diagnosis and recovery. Clinical research is necessary to discover better medicine, protocols and techniques to improve patient care and safety.

The Ottawa Hospital is changing lives

Dr. Venkatesh Thiruganasambandmoorthy
Dr. Stiell
Dr. Carriere
Monitoring catches fainting patient's irregular heartbeat. Read Jacinthe Bisson's story here.


Research improves care: A landmark study looked at the connection between blood clots and cancer. 


The solution

Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are focusing directly on patient care by changing and improving medical protocols and practices. This kind of research can only take place in a hospital-based research institute with an international reputation. Many of the practices studied and established in Ottawa are now in place in hospitals around the world. For patients, this research means shorter hospital stays and better outcomes. For hospitals, this is research that saves lives and health-care dollars.

  • Increase support for our research teams and attract top recruits from around the world;
  • Build new research facilities and retrofit older ones to ensure that our researchers have the tools to compete with top global research centres; and
  • Invest in technology and resources to help front-line clinicians design and conduct innovative clinical trials that can make a difference for our patients.

How you can help

We’re raising $15 million to expand the practice-changing research team and research facilities. You can donate online or download our donation form. For more information, contact The Ottawa Hospital Foundation at 613-761-4295, or [email protected].

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