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  • Ninth Edition – Parking structure highlights, getting to the new campus, naturalizing the site, and more.
  • Eighth Edition – How a new trauma centre will save lives, an update on the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle, a feature on artwork by Algonquin artists Simon Brascoupé and Mairi Brascoupé, and a letter on hospital parking by Chiefs of Staff from hospitals across the region.
  • Seventh Edition – A commitment to the canopy at the New Civic Campus, creating a transit-oriented hospital, and more.
  • Sixth Edition – New sustainability benchmarks in the New Campus Development, an update on the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle, an an interview with Orleans Councillor Matt Luloff, and more.
  • Fifth Edition – The proposed design of the cutting-edge new campus, “Early works” projects beginning on the New Campus Development, an interview with River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington, and more.
  • Fourth Edition – How the finance team is planning for a $2.8 billion hospital, an interview with Chair of Ottawa’s Planning Committee Jan Harder, how the new Civic development will transform the patient experience – and more!
  • Third Edition – How architects are designing the hospital with Ottawa’s daylight and weather patterns in mind, a look at groundbreaking research, and the team working hard behind the scenes to plan a hospital for the future.
  • Second Edition – What it means to build a universally accessible hospital, how the environmental cleanup of the site is beginning, and more.
  • First Edition – How we will partner with the Unionized Building and Construction Trades Council.