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Research at The Ottawa Hospital is leading to new treatments, better diagnoses, faster and more accurate assessments of life-threatening injuries, and access to safer drugs. It uncovers new techniques that improve patient care and safety, not only for patients in our region, but around the world.


At the forefront of research and discovery

We are determined to remain at the forefront of research and discovery that will directly translate into improved treatment and outcomes for patients. It is your support that allows us to trailblaze toward new discoveries and uphold the level of excellence for which we are internationally recognized.

3 of the top 5 methods
used by American hospital emergency rooms to reduce unnecessary procedures come from The Ottawa Hospital.

The Ottawa Ankle Rules, The Wells Rule and The Canadian C-spine Rule are a direct result of physician-scientist research being done in Ottawa, and they are saving hospitals millions worldwide.

“Every gift has an impact. Donor support means our researchers have access to world-class equipment and resources to enable critical breakthroughs in basic and clinical research. State-of-the-art resources can make all the difference, leading to breakthroughs that save lives and improve care.” – Dr. Duncan Stewart, Executive VP Research, The Ottawa Hospital


Innovations thanks to donor support

Patient gives $1 million for research
Despite her own battle with kidney disease, June and her family take action to help future patients through a $1 million donation to kidney research.
Cutting-edge kidney research
Our researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are working together to help prevent and treat acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.

“It’s well recognized that Ottawa is a world leader in clinical trials and innovative trial designs. A lot of the guidelines produced internationally around trial design and reporting originate from The Ottawa Hospital.” – Dr. Manoj Lalu, Associate Scientist in the Regenerative Medicine Program, The Ottawa Hospital

Donate today to support the world-leading research and breakthroughs that are taking place at The Ottawa Hospital.

Be Inspired

Fran Cosper’s long-distance recovery from Guillain Barré Syndrome
Long-distance cyclist Fran Cosper and his friends often biked 120 kms on a Saturday. But that changed a year ago when he woke in the night and couldn’t feel his legs. Doctors at The Ottawa Hospital diagnosed him with Guillain Barré Syndrome.  
Long-time volunteer finds himself in a new role during the global pandemic
Mike Soloski is one of the first masked faces you might see upon entering The Ottawa Hospital during the pandemic. His unexpected journey from volunteer to COVID-19 screener is a testament to his desire to make a difference.
Life-changing cancer diagnosis and treatment inspires donor
After trusting The Ottawa Hospital with his health following a prostate cancer diagnosis, George Knight is now trusting the hospital with his support.