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Abbott Point of Care's 2019 Fundraising Goal

Abbott Point of Care has committed to supporting Practice Changing Research at The Ottawa Hospital

Abbott Point of Care Employees Exceed Goal in Support of Practice Changing Research at The Ottawa Hospital 

Since 2009, Abbott Point of Care has generously support emergency medicine research at The Ottawa Hospital. This year, Abbott Point of Care employees decided to support Practice Changing Research as part of our Tender Loving Research campaign here at The Ottawa Hospital. Through a variety of fundraising activities such as early bird draws with exciting incentives, such as a 5k FUN WALK/RUN, bake sales, raffles for beautiful gift baskets, along with generous employee donations through another very successful payroll deduction campaign, this year's campaign was a great success. This enthusiastic team always goes above and beyond in their philanthropic efforts to support The Ottawa Hospital, and this year was no different - thank you!

Practice Changing Research at The Ottawa Hospital is improving patient care and safety. Three of the top five methods used by American hospital emergency rooms to reduce unnecessary procedures come from The Ottawa Hospital. These methods, or rules, are the direct result of physician-scientist research being done in Ottawa, and they are saving hospitals millions of dollars worldwide. Some of our most recent advances in Practice Changing Research:

  • Patients at The Ottawa Hospital and around the world now receive safer anti-bleeding drugs during heart surgery, thanks to a clinical trial led by Drs. Dean Fergusson and Paul Hébert.
  • Dr. Ian Stiell’s Ottawa Ankle Rules have improved the diagnosis of ankle injuries and decreased emergency room wait times at The Ottawa Hospital and around the world. These rules allow emergency clinicians to rule out a broken ankle based on a few simple clinical factors, without the need for an ankle x-ray. Dr. Stiell and his team also developed similar rules for spine, head and knee injuries. These rules help clinicians provide better and more efficient care for patients while reducing costs.

The fact that our research is being adopted by other hospitals across North America is proof that the research being fone here at The Ottawa Hospital is making a significant impact on improving the quality of patient care, today. The Ottawa Hospital is grateful for the continued and generous support received from Abbott Point of Care.

Thank you Abbott Point of Care for your outstanding support of The Ottawa Hospital!