Calian Employees Exceed 2015 Campaign Goal! 

In their fourth consecutive workplace campaign, Calian employees supported two important priorities here at The Ottawa Hospital:

  1. The Ground-breaking cancer research of Dr. John Bell, Senior Scientist, Cancer Therapeutics at The Ottawa Hospital.
    The use of oncolytic viruses, which infect and destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells, and biotherapeutics, are among the most promising cancer treatment regimens to emerge over the last decade- and Dr.Bell is considered a world leader in the field. Oncolytic viruses represent one of the most promising new approaches for fighting cancer as they can attack tumours in multiple ways, have very mild side effects, and can be easily customized for different types of cancer. Incredible made-in-Ottawa discoveries are currently being uncovered by Dr. Bell and his team as they have been able to manufacture their first batch of clinical‐grade Maraba virus in a specialized lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Initial tests suggest Maraba is effective in fighting cancers of the brain, lung, colon, ovaries, pancreas and skin, while being most effective in late stage cancers.
  2. The expansion of The Ottawa Hospital Breast Health Centre. Currently the centre is located at the Civic campus of The Ottawa Hospital, however the Breast Health Centreis running out of room to meet the increasing and critical needs of the community we serve. This expansion will:
  • Move the Breast Health Centre from the Civic Campus to a new 30,000 square foot space at the General Campus  – five times the size of the current centre.
  • Triple the number of exam rooms from 7 to 21.
  • Purchase a dedicated MRI for on-site rapid assessment and diagnosis, and more precise radiation planning.
  • Consolidate all breast-related health services including diagnoses, treatment and support

Thank you, Calian employees, for your generous and continued support!

Calian Employees at BHCKevin Ford, President and CEO of Calian and employees visited the new site for the Breast Health Centre at the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital.