DATAKINETICS launch 2016 Campaign to support priority needs at The Ottawa Hospital

DATAKINETICS launches their 8th employee giving campaign to support where needs are greatest at The Ottawa Hospital.  The Ottawa Hospital is committed to providing the best, most compassionate patient care. Dr. Jack Kitts, our Hospital President and CEO, is leading the Hospital in achieving its goal of becoming one of the top 10 leaders in quality of care.  The Ottawa Hospital is attracting physicians and researchers from around the world, purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, developing life-changing research, and providing the latest medical treatments to our patients, and future generations of patients.

At their launch event, Dr. John Sinclair, a neurosurgeon at The Ottawa Hospital will speak to employees about how our generous community was able to bring the CyberKnife to The Ottawa Hospital.  

For the last six years (September 2010 to September 2016), 2,802 patients have been treated at The Ottawa Hospital using this technology. The Cyberknife with its robotic arm instead of a blade, delivers high doses of radiation with pinpoint accuracy, allowing it to target and vaporize tumours without damaging the delicate tissue and organs surrounding them. This means that the CyberKnife can reach typically inoperable parts of the body that a surgeon’s scalpel cannot, such as tumours in the head. 

The Ottawa Hospital is one of only four hospitals in Canada that has a CyberKnife, and that is only thanks to the generosity of caring corporations like DATAKINETICS who lend their support to priority needs such as technology and research that benefit our community.

To increase the impact of employee support to The Ottawa Hospital, DATAKINETICS has pledged to again match all employee donations, dollar for dollar!

Thank you, DataKinetics team, for your continued support. Your generosity is making a difference in patient care and research in our region!