Gartner's 2019 Fundraising Goal

Supporting the new Molecular Oncology Diagnostics Laboratory at The Ottawa Hospital

Gartner supports world-class cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital

Gartner employees launched their 6th employee giving campaign in December to to support personalized medicine at The Ottawa Hospital through the establishment of a new Molecular Oncology Diagnostics Laboratory at The Ottawa Hospital.

Every year in our region 9,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. Last year alone, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre treated 24,000 cancer patients. This is why The Ottawa Hospital is building and equipping a new Molecular Oncology Diagnostic Laboratory (MODL) to ensure all cancer patients in our region will have access to leading-edge cancer care.

A laboratory in Ottawa will help make genetic profiling of tumours a standard part of medical care, allowing physicians to determine which medications will work best for a particular patient. Targeted and customized therapies can be more effective at shrinking cancer tumours and reducing side-effects and  recurrence.

  • More timely testing will mean lab results in just days instead of the present wait times of weeks, which means cancer patients will begin their targeted treatments sooner.
  • Customized and targeted treatments will increasingly replace the tradition of giving every patient the same drugs. This will often be more effective and may reduce harmful side-effects.

As Dr. Bryan Lo, Lead Scientist and Medical Director of the Laboratory says, "The lab signals a new era in personalized cancer care for this community. Molecular genetics is moving forward very quickly and generating a great quantity of information. When a cancer is discovered, we'll really be genetically characterizing this cancer to try to determine if we can apply some newer targeted therapies. Therapies that are much less toxic and with fewer side effects.”      

Since 2011, Gartner and its employees have raised over $72,000 in support of cancer equipment, care and research at The Ottawa Hospital.

Thank you Gartner - with your help, these advancements will become a reality. Your generosity is making a difference in patient care and cancer treatment in our region!