Telesat's 2019 Fundraising Goal

Telesat is committed to supporting
Tender Loving Research at The Ottawa Hospital.

Telesat Wraps Up 2015 Employee Engagement Campaign

This year, Telesat employees launched their 6th consecutive employee engagement campaign in support of advancements in leading-edge research here at home through The Ottawa Hospital's Tender Loving Research campaign.

Research breakthroughs at The Ottawa Hospital mean better care and lifesaving medicine for patients here in Ottawa. The Ottawa Hospital relentlessly pursue answers to the world’s most challenging health care problems with knowledge, experience and care. This research is fuelled by a passion to create made-in-Ottawa solutions for a healthier world.

With more than 1,700 scientists, clinical investigators, trainees and staff, researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are bringing new discoveries, new drugs, new protocols and new medical practices from the lab to the patient’s bedside.

By investing in research at The Ottawa Hospital, Telesat is supporting innovative research right here at home to:

  • Improve patient care and safety by changing and improving medical protocols and practices.
  • Unlock the secrets of stem cells and harnessing their regenerative power to heal debilitating illness and injury.
  • Develop innovative approaches for the assessment, treatment and prevention of cancer.
  • Conduct ground-breaking clinical trials and create personalized cancer therapies using biological therapeutics with the goal of one day finding a cure.

Thank you Telesat for your continued support, dedication and generosity!