Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific's 2019 Fundraising Goal

ThermoFisher Scientific supports
Regenerative Medicine research at
The Ottawa Hospital

Thermo Fisher Scientific proudly supports Regenerative Medicine research at The Ottawa Hospital

Since 2003, Thermo Fisher Scientific employees have contributed to a number of important Hospital initiatives through employee gifts, corporate matching and gifts-in-kind, raising over $200,000 in support of various priority needs at The Ottawa Hospital. These initiatives include: The Eye Institute Research Equipment Fund, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, the Centre for Innovative Cancer Research and last year, research in Regenerative Medicine. In addition, they have hosted four Amazing Race events where employees, family and friends spent a fun day competing in challenges while raising money for their community.

This year, ThermoFisher Scientific proudly supports Regenerative Medicine research through our Tender Loving Research campaign. At The Ottawa Hospital, more than 100 scientists and staff form a multidisciplinary team focused on unlocking the secrets of stem cells and harnessing their regenerative power to:

  • Repair the heart and blood vessels after a heart attack
  • Develop new therapies for auto-immune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and arthritis
  • Regenerate brain tissue after a stroke
  • Repair damaged insulin-producing tissue in people with diabetes
  • Heal tissues damaged by severe infectious diseases and more
Scientists at The Ottawa Hospital are not only discovering novel kinds of stem cells and deciphering how they work, but they are translating their research into new personalized therapies for patients. ThermoFisher Scientific knows that this innovative research takes more than the best researchers and clinical investigators—our researchers need the proper tools to complete this critical work. Your generous support of this important research will make this a reality. 

Thank you ThermoFisher Scientific for your continued and generous support of The Ottawa Hospital!