Impact Report 2018

Impact Report 2018

Breast cancer treatment conquers patient’s worst fears

Tanya O’Brien
Tanya O’Brien is the seventh woman in her family to be diagnosed with breast cancer. She received treatment at The Ottawa Hospital and recently celebrated five years cancer-free.

Ready for patients, ready for research

NeuroMuscular Centre sign
More than 10,000 people in eastern Ontario are affected by neuromuscular diseases. Previously they had to go elsewhere to participate in clinical trials. Dr. Jodi Warman Chardon teamed up with senior scientist Dr. Robin Parks, and together they led the charge to open a centre of excellence for neuromuscular disease treatment and research.

High powered radiation robot destroys tumours in inoperable places

CyberKnife allows us to treat things that technically we could never treat before. Although 90 percent of the treatments are for benign and malignant brain tumours, the CyberKnife’s image guided system can treat tumours in soft tissue and organs, such as the lungs that move when you breathe.

Revolutionary CAR-T cell therapy offers hope for blood cancer patients who are out of options

Stefany Dupont
When Stefany Dupont’s leukemia returned after her bone marrow transplant, the prognosis was dire. However, she was eligible for a novel immunotherapy treatment using her own immune cells (T-cells) to treat her cancer, called CAR-T cell therapy.

“Exemplary” HIV and prostate cancer treatment spans decades

Lorne Blahut
Lorne Blahut said he can’t brag enough about the treatment and care he has received over the past two decades at The Ottawa Hospital for HIV and prostate cancer. He said the care was full person – physical, mental and emotional.

3D-printed uterus used in complex surgery is a Canadian first

Hand holding uterus
Maureen was told by five doctors that she needed a hysterectomy. However, with the help of a 3D-printed model (created with MRI and CT scans of her uterus), Dr. Sony Singh removed all 50 tumours and left Maureen’s uterus intact, allowing her to carry a baby if she decides to.

Immunotherapy eradicates cop’s melanoma

Ian and family
After Ian McDonell’s stage 4 melanoma spread to his brain, he started immunotherapy treatment. Months later, PET, MRI, and CT scans showed that his tumours shrank, then disappeared entirely.

Bone research gets a break at The Ottawa Hospital

Dan Coutu
Bone stem cell expert Dr. Daniel Coutu is the inaugural holder of the Research Chair in Regenerative Orthopaedic Surgery. He has begun leading research to help us understand how bone regenerates, repairs and heals.