We’ve got you.

“… without exception everyone treated her not only as a patient, but also as a person. They not only met her physical needs, but really showed care, with kindness that is rare.”

– Family member of a patient

We’re all learning to cope with the effects and the stress of the pandemic, and we know it’s not easy. We understand better than most the kinds of mental health issues our family, friends, and neighbours are struggling with. We see it every day.

That’s why our Mental Health Team offers several specialized services in-hospital and in our community to help manage and support recovery.

But no matter which service you turn to, we’ll be there ― with the same compassion and understanding that we would want for our loved ones.

One of the unique mental health services we provide for our region is our Mobile Crisis Team. This highly- skilled team of nurses and social workers will connect with you and provide safe, rapid assessments and stabilizations for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis.

If you or someone you know needs help, we’re here ― any time, day or night. We’ll get through this together.