The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Read how donations to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund are hard at work funding promising research, care, and innovation projects.

When COVID-19 hit Ottawa, donors from across the region and the country hit back, raising over $2 million through the Emergency Response Fund. This incredible generosity was put to work quickly, helping to fast-track innovative projects at our hospital looking to address the impact of the virus on our patients, the community, and our world.

In recent weeks, our experts have made significant progress, thanks to your support. Some of these include:

  • Development of a website,, that provides regularly updated short and long-term projections of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Ottawa, as well as the level of COVID-19 in wastewater. This level of public health reporting is unique in Canada and will allow our healthcare workers to plan for potential increases in hospitalizations.
  • Preparing for a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for COVID-19 patients experiencing breathlessness.
  • Launch of a study to determine if the CANImmunize app, developed here at our hospital, may help with the roll out COVID-19 vaccines and tracking adverse side-effects.
  • Testing Plasma from Recovered COVID-19 Patients as a Possible Treatment.Two clinical trials assessing different dosing of blood thinners in COVID-19 patients have recently begun recruiting their first participants Explore rounds 1, 2, and 3 of funding to read even more updates on exciting progress being made thanks to donor support.

Round 1 of Funding

Nine initial COVID-19 research projects receive donor support to explore topics such as how plasma from recovered patients could help future patients and how vulnerable populations are affected by the virus.

Round 2 of Funding

Community generosity provides seed funding for a second round of COVID-19 research projects that range from harnessing cancer-fighting viruses to exploring how the immune response to COVID-19 can differ between patients.

Round 3 of Funding

From hyperbaric oxygen to prototypes for PPE and harnessing the power of data, the latest round of COVID-19 projects has now received funding thanks to donor support.

Latest Projects Funded

Amidst exciting new updates from earlier rounds of funding, new projects are now getting underway.